Ford Steel LLC.
We know all about the difficult decisions faced when it comes to finding the right steel fabricator for each of your unique projects. Here at Ford Steel LLC., we are prepared to handle all of your fabrication needs.

Our Mission is to fabricate high quality products, ahead of schedule, and at the lowest ultimate cost. We achieve this by having the right people in the right place backed by a strong work ethic built on pride and responsibility.

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AISC Certified Fabricator
Convenient & Capable
Ford Steel LLC. is an AISC certified steel fabricator using state of the art CNC machinery. At Ford Steel LLC., we fabricate platforms, skids, ladders, communication/broadcast towers, custom fabrications & much more. Our office and plant are conveniently located only 30 miles north of Houston and the Port of Houston, allowing not only nationwide delivery but worldwide as well.

Welcome to Ford Steel LLC.
Ford Steel LLC. Office and Plant