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About Us
With a 100,000 square foot facility, Ford Steel, LLC. is equipped with state of the art CNC machinery as well as ample space to complete any job. Ford Steel, LLC. is an AISC certified fabricator, operating in compliance with OSHA and API standards. Ford Steel, LLC. fabricates for a wide variety of industries including the petrochemical industry, waste water treatment, transmission communication and broadcast towers, mining as well as oil and gas industries. Ford Steel, LLC. also fabricates the towers for H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. which is one of the nation’s leaders in tower construction. We boast a highly efficient estimation and procurement department which along with our state of the art fabrication plant ensures a quick turnaround for our customers and timely delivery of our projects. Given the extensive list of machinery in the shop, any job that pertains to steel fabrication is a possibility. Some of the most common items to come out Ford Steels production are platforms, skids, pipe racks, broadcast/communication towers, handrails ladders to name a few. We have our own quality assurance and control as well as a highly dedicated safety and inspection program. Ford Steel, LLC. has its own transportation department and since we are conveniently located 30 miles north of Houston as well as the Port of Houston, we are able to offer not only nation-wide delivery but global delivery as well. Ford Steel, LLC. has worked hard to become more than capable of taking on every aspect of any job a potential customer has to offer.
On August 24, 2006, H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc., established in 1979, purchased a fabrication plant, which is now Ford Steel, LLC., a part of the H.C. Jeffries Tower Company Group. Since the purchase, the 55,000 square foot facility has grown to 100,000 square feet with over sixty employees. Ford Steel, LLC. has an extensive clientele list including ExxonMobil, Optimized Process Designs, LyondellBasell, Integrated Flow Solutions and Alimak Hek, to name a few. H.C. Jeffries Tower Company has been featured in several areas of media and that show the capabilities of H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. and Ford Steel, LLC. Some of the more popular locations have been Texas Co-op Magazine, The National Geographic Channel in 2009 Man Made Extreme, erecting a 1400ft Tower in Moapa, Nevada. H.C. Jeffries Tower has also been featured on the Discovery Channel in 2000, Frontiers of Construction. The growth of both companies has progressed dramatically since the 2006 purchase and the intention is to keep on moving forward and expanding into the future.