Ford Steel, LLC has over 120,000 square feet of fabrication space with all the necessary equipment including computer numerical control cutting machines and 12 overhead cranes ranging from 3-20 tons to ensure your project is perfectly completed. With our in house 2 paint booths ranging up to 70 feet long and our own trucking capabilities, we can offer unrivled turnkey pricing. Our level 2 certified welding inspector personally inspects every weld on every piece before it leaves our facility. 
1. We never promise what we know we cannot deliver.
2. Deliver on time, EVERY time.
3. Our stringent quality standards ensure that each project meets or, in most cases, exceed client requirements/expectations. 
4. Extremely adaptable; a requirement in the fast paced industries we serve. 
5. Our unique structure allows us to easily conform to client requirements. 
6. Diversity: handrails, platforms, skids, tall broadcast towers, modules, pipe rack, low-pressure piping. Any project, any time.